OpenAdvocate ReadClearly
Developer Documentation


ReadClearly is available as an external JavaScript library that can be installed on any website. 

To install ReadClearly, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Include the ReadClearly JavaScript file

 Add the following line to the <head> tag on the page where you would like to use ReadClearly:

<SCRIPT type=”text/javascript” src=””>

Step 2: Initialize ReadClearly

Initialize ReadClearly. Add the following JavaScript code to either the <head> tag or the <body> tag If you add it to the <head> tag, be sure to place it after the line you added in step 1.

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">
  $(function () {
    OARC.init({autoActivate}, {location}, {theme}, {footnotes}, {glossary});

Replace {autoActivate}, {location}, {theme}, and {glossary} with the desired configuration.

The following are the available configuration options:

{autoActivate}: Specifies whether the glossary items should be automatically activated. If not activated automatically, glossary items will not be shown until the visitor manually turns them on. Possible values: true, false

{location}: Specifies the location of the widget that allows the visitor to turn ReadClearly on and off. Possible values: ‘top-left’, ‘top-right’, ‘bottom-left’, ‘bottom-right’

{theme}: Specifies the color scheme of ReadClearly. Possible values: ‘default’, ‘neutral’

{footnotes}: If true, glossary items are also inserted as footnotes at the end of the content. Possible values: true, false

{glossary}: The name of the glossary to use. For available options, see

Omit this parameter to use the latest English edition.

Example code:
OARC.init(true, 'top-left', 'neutral', '2016-08-22-ES');

Step 3: Mark up content

In order to help ReadClearly identify the actual content, either add a <div> wrapper around the main content in your page as below, or add the ‘openadvocate-content’ CSS class to an already existing wrapper element. This step is not required, but will enhance the user experience and minimize incompatibility issues.

<div class="openadvocate-content">{main content}</div>


ReadClearly relies on jQuery. Be sure to insert the jQuery library before the line in step 1.

Trouble Shooting

In order to enable popup glossary items in the website content, ReadClearly adds markup to the HTML structure of the page. This may cause incompatibility issues in some case. 

For instance, it may cause JavaScript code inside the page content to run multiple times. To minimize the chances of such issues, try to avoid placing any script or embedded elements inside the ReadClearly wrapper element.